Solar Home Electric

End power grid dependency and save on utility cost.
Photovoltaic (PV, or solar electric) technology is solar powered system customized designed for your home. After determining the watt system needed to reduce energy consumption and grid dependency. We provide a variety of quality manufactured Solar panels including some made in North America.

As utility cost continue to escalate and in Florida power outages are part of our lives, Solar plus storage or generators is a wise choice to protect you and your loved ones. Future hurricanes are uncertain but what is certain is it can be many days or weeks before power is back on in your neighborhood. Be prepared with free solar powered plus storage systems or Generator for your home.

Benefits of a Solar Electric Systems
  • Derive clean, pure energy from the sun
  • Solar panels on your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel.
  • Low Maintenance Costs with a return on investment.
  • Abundant. The potential of solar energy is unlimited.
Our process in providing you the best and most cost effective systems:
  1. Assessment and evaluation of your energy needs.
  2. Provide the design and engineering for your solar needs.
  3. Apply and secure any permits required.
  4. Professional installation of the solar systems chosen.
  5. Multiple inspections through out the process ensuring quality control.
  6. Provide electrical on/or utility connections.
  7. Provide an easy to understand directions for operations, documentation and signed permits.

Contact us for a free evaluation, including an energy analysis to determine the right solar solution for your needs
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